Welcome the to the LabDB. Use the menu above to access database resources. You will redirected to the login page, where you can log in with your username and password. After successful login you will see a list of your private stock vials.

The website is still in development, so if you encounter any errors, please submit a bug report, including description of what you were doing, URL from the address bar and the error message. I will try to fix the error as soon as possible.

Updates and new features:

There was a major update to the database. The welcome page may display inconsistent data until all of your living vials have been flipped and have gone through one lifecycle. Please read the changelog carefully and familiarize yourself with new features. In case of questions, you can always contant webmaster for support.

  • Now using GitHub for issue tracking
    We have dropped Bugzilla in favor GitHub Issue Tracker. You will need to create a free account to use it. The good news is that you can use your account to provide feedback for other GitHub-hosted projects.
  • New sidebar design
    Each part of the sidebar can now be collapsed.
  • Filters
    Displayed lists can now be filtered using filter widget on the sidebar.
  • Mobile-friendly
    The website is now mobile friendly. Test it on you smartphone!
  • Flip-date updates
    Flip date is now saved in the database and updated automatically when storage conditions change. As a result your old vials (that do not have flip-date saved in the database) will not appear in lists that depend on flip-date (due and overdue vials). All you new vials will behave properly. When the old vials die, issue fix get fixed.
  • Stable dependencies
    As we are moving towards a stable release, the dependencies of the database have been fixed, so backward compatibility breaks should not happen anymore.